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MD clients Approach and Strategy:

Award-Winning Communication. Great Website Designs. Unparalleled Program Value.

MD Clients' proven marketing programs are built to track more patients at affordable price.

MD Clients is a healthcare division of WOM Communications, LLC. We offer a unique approach to medical marketing (marketing for doctors). Medical professionals can rely on us from beginning to end. Whether you have your marketing message or not. we help to create one for you that's clear about what services you provide, and how you provide them. We spend the consultation time with medical practicioners trying to better understand their desires, so we can help them to find the best path to success. In many cases, doctors don't know what the strength of their practice is, and how they are different from the next door medical practice. We help them to make a clear message.

We help our medical clients to find what's unique about their practice. Physicians that work with us have taken a step beyond their competition, because they are doing something about their marketing that is well-balanced, well-supported. and proven. and that can create a whole new channel of leads with a considerably lower marketing budget. We create combined programs for the Online Marketing that include SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics and Paid Search, specifically focused on your practice, that help your patients to find out who you are before they find out what you do, so they can sign up for your services right away, because they will already know who you are and will already trust you. These are the kind of long-term patients that you've always dreamed about. And that's what is important. Its not just a one stop shop. they will be your patients for life.

Once you pay for our program, you do not have to pay for anything else. Videos, Graphiic Design, Ad Copies, Content - all provided at no additional charge. Our packages may include TV commercials, newspaper & radio ads, online paid advertising, on and off-site SE0 techniques, Social Media, directories ranking, reputation management, and many other things crafted especially to accommodate the nowday physician needs. We craft packages based on your budget - so don't worry, you won't spend more than you desire.


Testimonials from our Medical Clients

When our office was having a hard time with our SEO team, a good friend had recommended Sasha to us. After calling Sasha she quickly made it into our office and gave us a very detailed, and knowledgeable presentation on where we were compared to our competitors, what was preventing us from being better, and how her program would fit perfectly into what we were already doing. She absolutely blew us away, we hired her on the spot.

Sasha was very professional, polite, driven, dedicated and most importantly in this business, she was honest. Sasha took time out to not just tell us where we should be and what we should be doing, but to learn about our office, our staff, the services we provide, and the atmosphere of our office. Everything she did for us, she made sure to add our own personal touch to it, even if it wasn’t the best for our “google ranking.” It was important to our office that the feeling you get from the staff at our office was translated online also.

Sasha was always very organized and on top of things, she would be sending us a video to proof for Valentine’s Day before we even realized it was coming up! She communicated as regularly as we wanted her to which at times would be daily

One of my most favorite things about working with Sasha is how honest she was. Sasha was in the business of websites and computers there is no way it is possible for her to be 100% knowledgeable in all the different businesses her clients have, and she didn’t pretend to be. If we were working on marketing say invisalign more, she didn’t pretend to know everything about invisalign, she would ask us or let us write it and she would have it edited. Sasha also offered a lot of services that I didn’t know until I mentioned something and she would say “Oh you need business cards how many, glossy or matte?” We felt Sasha was part of our staff in the time we worked with her and we were very glad we took a chance on her!

Kate Upham -Aqua Dental

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