MD Clients is a healthcare division of WOM Communications, LLC.

We offer a unique approach to medical marketing, also known as “marketing for doctors”, “marketing for medical practices”, “medical marketing”, and “medical practitioners’ marketing”. Medical professionals can rely on us from beginning to end. Whether you have your marketing message or not, we help to create one for you that’s clear about what services you provide, and how you provide them. We spend the consultation time with medical practitioners trying to better understand their desires, so we can help them to find the best path to success.
In many cases, doctors don’t know what the strength of their practice is, and how they are different from the next door medical practice. We help you to make a clear message.

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We help our medical clients to find what’s unique about their practice.

We help our medical clients to find what’s unique about their practice. Physicians that work with us have taken a step beyond their competition, because they are doing something about their marketing that is well-balanced, well-supported, and proven, and that can create a whole new channel of leads with a considerably lower marketing budget. We create combined programs for the Online Marketing that include SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics and Paid Search, specifically focused on your practice, that help your patients to find out who you are before they find out what you do, so they can sign up for your services right away, because they will already know who you are and will already trust you. These are the kind of long-term patients that you’ve always dreamed about. And that’s what is important. It’s not just a one stop shop; they will be your patients for life.

Our Packages

Our packages include from scratch Web Design & Development, Content Writing, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Mobile Apps and Social, Branding & Print, Video Marketing, Website, Blog, Internet Accessibility Technical Maintenance. Please, note: Your services are subscription-based, but everything we create for you (marketing collateral, images, videos, websites) – is yours to keep. ALWAYS.

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