How to overcome clinical trials challenges? How to recruit and retain more patients?

Sadly, not all clinical trials see the light; some of them cannot recruit a single patient for their program. According to Forbes, recruitment rates have been slowed down in the last several years. Lack of awareness, misconceptions and negative perceptions prevents from recruiting patients to clinical trials. 

Luckily, MD Clients Professionals have an extensive experience working with clinical trials conducted all over the World. We will develop a comprehensive marketing plan, with defined goals, strategies, tactics and budget in mind, with respect to government and board restrictions, with target audience in mind. As with any marketing plan, budget will dictate the most appropriate strategies. Defining the target needs and motivations helps in the development of an effective core of messages and recruitment strategy. 


What we do to maximize patient recruitment and engagement:

  • Educational Video Materials 
  • Problem identification & Research
  • Clinical Trial Branding
  • Site-specific support programs
  • Web/Social Strategies 
  • Advertising and Media Buying
  • Patient advocacy

We measure all aspects of the effectiveness of patient recruitment programs:

  • Tracking Media Coverage
  • Reporting the number of Impressions in each targeted market
  • Tracking the number of visitors, time on page, bounce rate, to branded websites and patient advocacy sites
  • Tracking number of likes, comments, shares, subscribers, and views / Social Media 
  • Assigning each advertisement a distinct phone number to track where calls come from and how the patients heard about the study
  • Conducting Patients surveys