Here, at MD Clients, we think that all people born equal. In partnership with Bureau of Internet Accessibility, we provide digital accessibility testing and consulting services. For government, and in recent years, for many medical businesses, Mobile and Website compliance is a requirement. Since 2010, we help our clients to eliminate the gap, and become compliant in ADA, ACAA, OCR, AODA, Section 508, in accordance to WCAG 2.0. If nothing else is in your interest, we provide with a FREE Scan of Your Website.

Internet Accessibility
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Web Accessibility means that people with disabilities may access your website, learn and interact with it. We’re talking about visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. Web accessibility also benefits others, including older people with changing abilities due to aging.  If nothing else, web accessibility influences directly SEO and W3 compliances.  It’s our honest recommendation to all medical service providers to make their websites accessible. 

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