Losing Weight is a never-ending story. Apparently, only a few people who tried to lose weight succeeded from the first try, succeeded. Most of the people come back to deal with this issue over and over again. This consumer obsession drives US Weight Loss and Obesity Market to be worth over 150 billion in the nearest time. 


The competition is extremely high and growing rapidly. It also couples with aggressive marketing strategy. So with all the competition, how would a Weight Loss Provider gain and retain clients?

The brand level marketing messages must be valuable, relevant and engaging, both to the local allies and the potential consumers. The Market segmentation is very important, and the more segments can be identified, the better chances this program has to succeed.

There are 2 main types of local marketing – Discovery and Retention.

Type one, Discovery is about capturing new clients and included, but not limited to Local Search, Local PPC, Local Placements, Direct Mail/Newsletters, and Social.

Type two – Retention is triggered marketing. Marketing isn’t just about attracting new clients, but also retaining current clients and or bringing back clients that have dropped off. Retention mostly delivered through newsletter communication, on-site coupons and offers, and offsite freebees.

To add it all up, you need:

  • Define brand position and messaging – identify what to say and who it should be said to.
  • Appear everywhere – with help of Directory Placements, PPC, SEO, Referrals, etc.
  • Make it personal – consumers are more likely to response to relevant messages – local and unique.

So, how the weight loss clinics can raise above their competition to reach the constantly growing market of consumers interested in losing weight?  Here, at MD Clients, we can help. We will assign you a marketing team that will work directly on your project, leveraging your goals and budget and delivering on time great results. 

We offer: 

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Premium Directory Listings

          and much more.